Have you or a loved one worked on the river or railroads in Louisiana prior to 1982 for 6 months or more.  Diagnosed with an asbestos related cancer, asbestosis or pleural findings from a physician and worked at any of the sites listed, please contact us via email or call (504) 569-8732.


  • Port of Greater Baton Rouge
  • Port of New Orleans
  • Port of South Louisiana
  • Mississippi River Wharfs
  • Alcoa Steamship
  • Cooper T Smith Stevedore
  • American Steamship
  • Delta Steamship
  • James J. Flanagan Shipping
  • Lykes Bros. Steamship
  • Standard Fruit & Steamship
  • Strachan Shipping Company
  • Waterman Steamship


  • Illinois Central Railroad
  • Kansas City Southern Railroad
  • Louisville & Nashville
  • Missouri Pacific Railroad
  • New Orleans Public Belt
  • Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • Southern Pacific Railroad
  • Union Pacific Railroad